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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  February 13, 2024 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> you are not there? >> i'm not there. >> maybe someday? >> yet. i think it is about finding your true soul. >> brian grazer, and you for joining me. i really enjoyed this. >> a 40 minute interview is that for that and our other full interviews . you can subscribe to my free email newsletter. i've heard from a lot of you guys there. i appreciate that. if you are not on the internet that's fine, find me back here at 7:00 p.m. -- i should say 6:00 p.m. right now it is 7:00 p.m. and the reidout starts right now. >> tonight on the reidout ...
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>> if you do not get ukraine right china is watching. they make our people on this side have been obsessed with ukraine to the point of ignoring our border. i am not going to put ukraine, israel or anybody else ahead of america. >> senator lindsey graham who once was a champion of aid to ukraine is now refusing to vote in support for fear of angering donald trump. if at first you can impeach, try again. house republicans are taking another swing at impeaching the homeland secretary after their first attempt failed in embarrassing fashion. plus, in just about two hours polls are set to close in a special election that could give us some clues about how the november presidential election could go. good evening, i am charles coleman
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junior in for joy reid. we began with republican contortions to keep donald trump happy. any minute the house is expected to vote a second time on the republicans evidence for impeachment of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. now, because faithful readers know house speaker mike johnson is not doing anything to serve you, the american people, much less america's allies abroad with much-needed security assistance. speaker johnson and his republican caucus are doing the only thing they know how to do, political theater for an audience of one. you guessed it, donald trump. just look at where things stand on aid to israel and ukraine. the senate passed a $95 billion national security package in the early hours of the morning, but the pat forde in the house is still unclear. speaker johnson says he is not
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going to bring the bill to the floor because it does not have southern border policy changes, even though just last week he blocked a bipartisan deal to connect ukraine aid and border security because, well, the former president told him to. 22 republican senators did vote for the package without any border measures in spite of trump instructions to kill it. trump is going to now say that the u.s. should stop providing any foreign aid unless it is structured as a loan. that demand seems to be enough for at least one of the 26 republicans who voted against the aide, that senator being south carolina lindsey graham. even though senator graham previously bragged on twitter that he received a menstrual way to learn that his commitment to ukraine had drawn the eye of pool's regime he voted against the package and is backing up the loan proposal.
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it is another gift just days after donald trump sided with russia over the treaty bound nato allies and invited to invade european countries that do not pay up on their membership. just today, the national security adviser to trump is retired general keith kellogg told reuters he was suppose a tiered system. this could result in some nations losing protections against an outside attack. all of this you consider it together proves why it is so dangerous that republicans are falling in line with donald trump's america first appeasement of vladimir putin. at the white house president biden said failing to pass the foreign aid would play directly into putin's hands.
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>> for republicans in congress who think they can oppose funding for ukraine and not be held accountable, history is watching. failure at this critical moment will never be forgotten. you have to decide are you going to stand up for freedom or are you going to side with terror and tyranny? are you want to stand with ukraine or with putin? are you going to stand with america or trump? >> the senate has done its job and now it is time for house democratic leader hakeem jeffries who says it is time for the house to do their job. one republican 50 y apart out loud about why speaker mike johnson is blocking the bill. congressman andy biggs told politico if it were to get to the floor it would pass. again, instead of doing anything productive or bring the bill to the floor or taking up any serious attempts and border legislation to finish what the republicans have
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labeled themselves a crisis republicans are retreating to performative nonsense just to bend the knee to donald trump. republicans are claiming now that they have the votes to impeach secretary mayorkas, even after last week's debacle. joining me now to discuss all of this is robert garcia of california. congressman, thank you for being here. we know that you have a big night ahead with this sham impeachment vote. can you just talk for a moment. right now the house of representatives is teetering on being one of the least effective and productive bodies or sessions of congress in the modern era. i really want us to take a look at this. the amount of legislation that is being passed is abysmal. with every seat up for re- election this year, how are your members going to sell that in their respective district?
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>> look, i think republicans are not going to be able to sell anything. this entire congress has been focused on two things, impeachment pooloza. they want to impeach the president and out tonight secretary mayorkas. there is zero evidence to do so with the impeachment vote tonight , which should happen any minute. they're going to call the vote at some point soon. there has been no evidence and no reason. we know the border policies to be addressed. we also know border crossing started going out when donald trump was the president, they tripled. there is a lot of work to do, no interest in having solutions. as it relates to president biden they are obsessed with trying to impeach with zero evidence. >> i want to ask about this paradigm where on one end you cannot pass a border bill to address what you have labeled a crisis or what their party has labeled a crisis.
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at the same time this latest impeachment as you talked about, you started with joe biden and nothing happened. you continue with hunter biden and nothing seems to be happening. now you are at secretary mayorkas . it doesn't appeal does not appear that is going to happen either. let's talk about the paradigm of what seems to be their priority. >> we don't know what their priorities are. speaker johnson is absolutely in zero control of his conference. this entire conference is being directed essentially by the maga extreme right. they want impeachment, extreme measures, denying abortion access for women across the country. we are trying to get stuff done. we are trying to ensure that we take care of the working american people. republicans do not want anything to do with that. they are obsessed with impeaching cabinet officials and the president and that is what tonight is all about. >> congressman, i hear the
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bell. i know you have to go and make that vote. thank you for joining us. i want to bring in a political scientist and a host of the blackest questions podcast as well as the democratic strategies and contributor to the los angeles times. thank you both for being here. i just want to get your thoughts . i want to parallel this track in terms of a timeline. on one hand there is this conversation about the border, and then there is a very interesting retraction about where we want to go and what we want to do. there seems to be a lot of clarity, even though you are being unsuccessful about the impeachment effort when it comes to secretary mayorkas. as far as i am concerned the math is not mathing and i am not sure where we are going. if you or the rest of the republican conference. the words logic and math have no purpose. let's get this
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straight, there is a border crisis. there is an invasion at the border as we've seen the republican talk about over and over. yet when presented with the opportunity to pass billions of dollars of border security funding they don't even want to have that up for a vote. i cannot reconcile that. there is a crisis of the border so their solution is to remove the homeland security secretary. i'm not sure how that adds up. let's just remember impeachment is supposed to be for high crimes and misdemeanors. somewhere, someone, please point to me what high crime or misdemeanor secretary mayorkas have committed ? this is just a difference in policy and how to interpret policy, a difference in how to apply policy. if we want to get into the practice of removing people for having policy disagreements, we can play the impeachment game all day long. this is the precedent that they are setting and it makes no sense. it is not going to make one
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difference about the border anyway. >> it seems like it is february and republicans still want to play reindeer games. christina, i want to talk to you about nato. the former president very dangerous comments about nato, president biden had a lot to say earlier today. i want to play a clip for you from what he had to say and get your reaction. >> can you imagine a former president of the united states saying that? the whole world heard it. the worst thing is he means it. no other president in our history has ever bowed down to a russian dictator. let me say this as clearly as i can, i never will. for god's sake it is dangerous and un- american. >> christina, you are the political scientists. there has been so much conversation about messaging
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and where it has gone wrong. do you think president biden is going to be able to communicate how urgent an issue this could be in a way that is going to land with the electorate? >> the president has to use hysterics effectively to help the tango what seems to be a pretty complicated issue for a lot of people. we have a former president who is doing exactly what george washington warned us about in his farewell address, essentially saying we cannot have someone who is a tool for foreign entities. especially having a former president like donald trump who clearly is acting essentially as a agent on behalf of vladimir putin. word gets a little more obligated, charles, and where president biden needs to use his surrogates across the country to have my 5095 point frank, live. and amber lee that we should be
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in various places in the world, they're looking at their shop, and the lack of resources that they may feel. we have the rhetoric of donald trump which says forget everyone else, you need to focus on yourself. this is something he has said throughout his entire professional career, even before he became a politician. that becomes a little more appealing to some people. president biden really needs to help americans understand our position as americans, our position internationally and also we cannot devolve into the type of rhetoric that donald trump is essentially accustomed to. he terribly drags people down to the basic levels where he has always existed, even when he was just a new york city real estate dare i say mogul. >> and that may not be very long
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for a future as far as donald trump is concerned. we were talking about the performative nature of what republicans are doing. i want to turn our attention specifically to the border and eagles pass. there are more and more voices coming out of texas that are saying that, this is being manipulated as political propaganda. we are being used to symbolize a crisis that in the minute, up to real time isn't necessarily what people are making it. have republicans overplayed their hand or is misinformation so strong they will not necessarily feel any consequences here? >> i think we have the misinformation is so strong on the right that they have created this bubble that they live in where nothing penetrates that or fax, truth and common sense have no place and they keep operating alone. i think that the bird is coming home to roost.
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we look at texas, they spent $100 billion moving immigrants all over the country. i have to think anyone who lives in texas is going wait a second, that is money that could be spent on almost anything else that makes more sense for the people in texas. why is governor abbott spending that much money, using human beings political pond and doing something that does nothing to address the underlying problems? i think that we can all agree there are challenges with our immigration system and have been for the last 2 and half decades. we have watched president after president try to solve this problem. here we are at a moment in time where there is a bipartisan passport to get something done and what do republicans want to do? they do not want to put the vote on the floor. they rather do what they are doing this very 2nd and that is playing political games with the impeachment of a homeland security secretary that is never going to pass the senate or go anywhere anyway.
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>> we are getting where the house of representatives is about to begin voting for the second time on the impeachment alejandro mayorkas, despite a lack of any evidence that he committed a high crime or misdemeanor, which is the standard for an impeachment in his handling of the southern border. we are going to bring in our congressional correspondent with more. julie, what can you tell us? >> a do over vote they just started to impeach alejandro mayorkas on the two articles republicans have been pushing. i have to tell you on the vote just before this which was a procedural step they had the votes to move onto the step. they are tracking the attendance issues. these lease, one of the top republicans here in the house told me this is the kind of day where you are tracking every vote. especially when folks are dealing with weather issues. as we have been talking about all day long that election on
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long island, which could change the balance of power, that was george santos. that election is happening tonight. if they are going to impeach alejandro mayorkas the vote essentially has to happen tonight. so far it seems like republicans have to vote because of some absences on both sides of the aisle. if and when the house is successful with this vote this effort largely dies in the senate where leader chuck schumer was pressed on whether he would take this up? he kept saying we will see what happens in the house. even some republicans not interested in moving forward they are palming a political process. >> you are going to stay with us as we continue to watch and i am going to bring back my panel. as we are keeping an eye back on this vote i want to ask your thoughts on going back to the nato conversation specifically. how we have seen so many different public and legislators particularly republican
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senators like lindsey graham for example sort of change their tune and contort logic just to be in line with donald trump. what does that tell you about his grip on the party as we get closer and closer to this presidential election? >> since he is essentially positioning himself as the heir apparent it is not just a grip on the party, it is a grip on individuals. if you remember closely in 2016 lindsey graham that donald trump for his party, would destroy the nation. he was ill-equipped for the job and incompetent, the list goes on and on. one day out of nowhere not only did he say he supported donald trump, he has been 10 toes in every single time for the with every ludicrous policy that the former president has come up with. we are seeing more more senators looking for their job security, knowing that donald trump will go after members of his own party as opposed to putting the country first.
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this is again what the framers warned us about. we cannot have breast legislation following the whims and desires of the executive branch. it is not how democracy or a democratic republic works. we've seen time and time again republican senators just acquiesced to donald trump in ways that honestly in modern history we have never seen. >> not just that we have not seen it, it is such a stark turnaround. we talked about lindsey graham, but there are a number of others. tommy tuberville, you got to protect yourself and we cannot protect everyone. these are people, marco rubio in particular was very much known as a foreign-policy buff. at one point he basically said that trump was a con man and he did warn how dangerous it will be donald trump was entrusted with the office of commander-in- chief. now basically saying i am
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defending donald trump in his comments around how we should deal with our nato allies. how dangerous is this when you think about this is a man who is doggedly in pursuit of the white house again and intends to stack it with his loyalist? >> this is why right now the conversation all around the globe and capitals and her allies to this country are very concerned about what a donald trump presidency sequel would look like and what it would mean for them. particularly at a time where we are seeing so much conflict whether it is the east, ukraine or russia. not that long ago i did an informal briefing with a number of ambassadors to european union states. the one question they had learned this really happen? is it conceivable that all job to get elected president? it was beyond their comprehension that this country
4:21 pm
could put someone in power again who at one point in time, as they put it, try to overthrow the government. how does that even happen? it is downright shocking. that is the conversation happening as they watched the united states of america go down a path where it is possible, maybe even plausible that someone like donald trump but returned to power. as he makes those types of irresponsible comments it really sends a chill to the global community. they now know as we all do that it's not just rhetoric. these are things that could actually come to pass. >> we are continuing to watch the vote. we are going to listen into the speaker now. >> pursuant to house resolution 996, 995 is hereby adopted. >> christina, your reaction now
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that we've watched the vote take place? if it's a win for republicans? how do they spin this? what is the headline if you are trying to leave the messaging for them? >> for republicans right now that is the only goal, to make sure joe biden cannot move forward with any particular agenda. they want to control the agenda to essentially tell primary voters, whatever democrats want we have just said no, even if it is something they have previously agreed on. since the speaker has had some colossal failures in his very short tenure is going to mark this as any minor win is i've got my caucus under control and we are a unified group. we know there are several factions within the republican party. the republican party so far has not put forward any new ideas. their only goal is to try to impeach. we have asked several times if you want to impeach all of these individuals for
4:23 pm
what? what crimes? what misdemeanors? it doesn't matter. they just know that our voters want blood, and we are going to give it to them. even if it does end them up with a little egg on their faces that will keep trying. they want to make sure that joe biden is seen as an effective when they go to their voters in november. >> we are now going to bring back julie who was in washington with more. talk to me, what can you tell me? >> the vote just closed. the house voted 214-to 13, along party lines to impeach the homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. three republicans voted against doing so, the same that we saw in the initial failed vote last week. mike gallagher of wisconsin has since announced he will be resigning. and also ken buck of
4:24 pm
colorado who is also retiring at the end of his term. this now seals the deal. the first time in 150 years a cabinet secretary has been impeached by the house. this will now go over to the senate where it is very unlikely the senate democrats of course control that senate will act on this. that they will hold mayorkas accountable for what they say is a political exercise. nonetheless, they are required to hold some sort of trial. certainly with cabinet secretaries as opposed to president as we've seen with president trump, the process is a little different. the majority leader gets to dictate that somewhat. this is seen as a partisan and political process by democrats in the homeland security department itself which just released a statement to that effect. certainly the senate will have to take this up once they are back from recess. is not going to be dealt with likely until the end of february if not march. >> julie, as you know there is a special election going on in new york for the replacement of
4:25 pm
the george santos seat. it only brings to bear how important these thin margins are. has that at all been a conversation among any of the members that you talk to about what that would do to even the scales in a situation like this? >> certainly, it is not happening in a vacuum. the reason you are seeing the light of all my is to have that special election happening on long island to replace george santos who was kicked out of congress at the end of last year. republicans sought tonight as maybe their final shot to impeach somebody who they have said has mishandled the crisis of the border and misrepresented the facts to the american people. certainly tonight was their last chance to do it. they could very well see a democrat that. certainly that election has not been decided. that was definitely a political calculation. they of course need steve scalise within a few feet away
4:26 pm
for me to come back and cast a vote. we saw what happened last week when they didn't have enough votes. >> secretary mayorkas has released the following statement. house republicans will be remembered by history for trampling on the constitution for political gain rather than working to solve the serious columns that our border. while secretary mayorkas was helping a group of senators develop bipartisan solutions to strengthen order security and get needed resources for reinforcement, house republicans have wasted months with this baseless and unconstitutional impeachment. christina, your reaction to what we've just seen on the house floor and of course the homeland security secretary statement? >> you just said it, every moment with in on useless impeachment shenanigans and political theater is time spent away from providing goods and
4:27 pm
services for american people. this is the whole republican agenda. they refused to work on legislation, policies and moving the country forward. they are obsessed with the theatrics of it all. even when it goes to the semi, we know chuck schumer runs a tight ship and the vast majority of democrats will do the due diligence as they are sworn to do, but it is still a waste of time. any time that they are spending going through and making sure that they do what they should is time that they are not making legislation and not researching, a time that they are not moving this country forward. the myriad of issues that are in front of us, domestic and international. i think tori morrison said racism is essentially a time slot meant to waste our time. the same way republicans want to take time away from effectiveness of democrats. they have been relatively successful ever since donald trump got his hands on the
4:28 pm
presidency. >> i want to go back -- all right, we are going to listen to this. >> he wants open borders and most americans don't. >> you have republicans in the senate saying that was the house was spending their time actually passing border security legislation. >> if they want to read a border security bill they can read hr-two, a bill that would actually secure the border. we've worked with border patrol agents, we've been down to the border and said one of the things that are necessary to reverse this trend? they said end catch and release, restore the remain in mexico protocols, all things you would need to do to get back to a functional legal system of immigration and the senate discarded that. that bill will solve the problem. we are focused on solving the problem and not just getting a bunch of people in a room and
4:29 pm
everyone coming to agreement on something that makes matters worse. the american people want to solve the crisis at our southern border. >> the border patrol council endorsed that bipartisan bill. now you have a situation for the former president is saying he doesn't want legislation addressed when it comes to the border issue. how do you square that? >> we want hr- 2. we spent months putting that together. it was a large coalition of members who came together to recognize we have a crisis that we want to follow it and how do we best deal with that? that was the result and we ultimately pass it over to the senate. the senate discarded the bill because they do not want to address the problem. the president does not want to address the problem. it is a nonstarter amongst people who don't want to solve the problem and want an open border. i can tell you most americans want to secure the border and they recognize the threat that it poses.
4:30 pm
they don't want an open border with millions of people that have comments in every community in america. the cartels that her -- that are killing 150 young people every day in america. you have democratic mayors begging president biden to fix the problem. he refuses to do that. we stand ready to work with him to solve the problem. h.r.2 is a reflection of that and the president ought to look at that bill and say there are some areas where we can come together to work to solve the problem. we have already sent a bill over to the senate to address israel's aid need and to find a need to go in a blister at hamas. that bill is over in the senate. again, the senate can take that up and deal with it however they want. ultimately that bill is over there. ukraine speakers have been very clear. if you want more ukraine funding you have to work with us
4:31 pm
on securing america's border. the president wanted to meet with the speaker of the house. in the last few weeks the speaker has been calling on the president to sit down and talk. can the two of them get in a room to see if there is common ground? president biden refuses. that shows he's not serious about the issue. >> speaker jonathan wants to meet with the president? >> ultimately if the two of them come to an agreement that can become law and yet the president refuses to meet. the president cannot say he is serious about ukraine or the border when he refuses to me to see if they can come to an agreement. >> you believe despite what the president is saying republicans can pass some kind of border security? >> republicans in the house have already passed a bill. the senate does not want to address it and the president does not want to address it. the american people are sick and tired of having an open border. if you've got a president refusing to address the border
4:32 pm
crisis that he created and he can solve on his own, and everybody knows that. the law makes it very clear that the president has the ability to solve this problem. biden doesn't want to do that. if he doesn't, we have passed a bill that will fix it. the senate will take it up, the president wanted to sit down the speaker to talk about it. the american people are sickened by this crisis getting worse and worse. you saw new york people beating up cops and walking scot-free. it makes the crime crisis worse. it is overwhelming school systems. you've got so many other problems happening in every community in america because president biden won't work with us to solve the problem. >> you've just been listening to capitol hill, talking with steve scalise after the impeachment of the secretary of homeland security, alejandro mayorkas succeeded. after you heard that interview
4:33 pm
what are your thoughts? tell me your reaction immediately not only to the vote, but to the narrative that is continuing to be pushed? >> what a gas lighting liar, that is what steve scalise is. he is full of it. this idea that if you don't do what we say you want open borders, that is utter nonsense. the idea that we want to compromise. you will come to an agreement in a room and then donald trump would say don't make any agreement and all of a sudden it would fall apart. how many times have we seen that story play out? the idea that steve scalise or any republicans are going to get something done, saying we are tired of passing things that look good but don't do anything. what are you guys -- get you guys just do right now? you passed an impeachment and
4:34 pm
he's never want to be removed from office. don't give me that. he sits and talks about the american people being tired of this and that. the american people voted overwhelmingly for joe biden and joe biden appointed the houma secretary and you are undermining the will of the people. don't sit there and tell me what the american people want. by the way, i thought donald trump was supposed to fix the border in the first place? was a mexico supposed to pay for a border wall? whatever happened to that? where's the check? the amount of lying and gas lighting that we just saw is amazing. >> i've always wondered why that build the walls talking points subtly disappears in the minds of republicans voters and why that wasn't something donald trump was ever held accountable to? to the point of consistency, is there any value whatsoever in the lockstep nature in which republicans are moving, even if it doesn't reconcile with logic or reason
4:35 pm
but continues to push a narrative, do they win the messaging conversation in the court of public opinion or is there a bigger game that we are missing? is it just foolishness? >> we are living in two different realities. democrats in washington are trying to come to the table with good-faith efforts. republicans haven't done the work to push through policy and look forward to a vision for the country, they are leading by fear. that is what donald trump has always been good at and the messaging that he's always been relatively productive at. they are coming in every single city and country, county in our country, and everyone should be afraid. let's be clear, the vast majority of americans are children of immigrants. we don't have an immigrant crisis, this is what the country always has been. we know donald trump never looked at a map.
4:36 pm
when he wants to build a wall against the rio grande it is not going to work. republicans just let him have failures and never hold him to task. the fear that the republican party has toward the former president is something that is incredibly dangerous. essentially we thought donald trump have a dry run for four years and not really know what he was doing. now he's had time to perfect the smash and grab and really help republicans understand they can get on it and i think that is the worst thing. >> thank you for helping us get started on this very busy tuesday night. president biden just released a statement. history will not look kindly on house republicans for their blatant act of unconstitutional partisanship that has targeted an honorable public servant in order to play petty political games. homeland security secretary mayorkas, a cuban immigrant
4:37 pm
who came to the united states with his family as political refugees has spent more than two decades serving america with integrity and a decorated career in law enforcement and public service from his time in the justice department as a u.s. attorney to his service as deputy secretary and now secretary of homeland security. he has upheld the rule of law and has demonstrated a deep commitment to the values that make our nation great. we will be right back. right b. if you're living with hiv, imagine being good to go without daily hiv pills.
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welcome back to the reidout . all right, my queens and nassau county friends, you have a little more than one hour to get out there in the cold and the elements and vote for the candidate that is going to replace the disgraced, expelled serial liar, republican congressman george santos. the choice is between the three- time former representative from the district who left office in 2022 to challenge kathy hochul for the gubernatorial nomination . and an israeli jew who emigrated twice, fleeing religious persecution. she says she voted for donald trump in 2020. a
4:43 pm
poll taken in early february shows a narrow edge for suozzi it is pretty much razor thin. abortion, democracy and immigration are top of mind for voters who have gone out in the elements and here is what they tell our nbc news colleagues. >> i think if you are not looking at the tv, the news and what is happening you are blinded. we need to be heard. we need to have the backing of keeping democracy alive. >> the southern border is critical. i think it needs to be addressed. she stands for that, i cast my vote for her today. >> early voting has been underway since february 3. joined me now is the nbc news
4:44 pm
senior national political reporter and political strategist and host of the cycle and author of a new book hit him where it hurts. how to save democracy by beating republicans at their own game. you have been out all day talking to voters, 1st and foremost, i want to talk about the weather. how have the elements impacted voter turnout? >> good evening, charles. just under 80 minutes before the polls close in this crucial district. there has been a snowstorm since very early this morning that has made it very difficult to drive. i myself had trouble getting my car out of the snow and encountered some cars abandoned by the side of the road on the way to the polling place. the snowstorm was serious. voter turnout appeared slow in the morning, but did pickup. the snow started falling around midafternoon.
4:45 pm
evidence that we've gathered from around the district shows it did pickup. it remains to be seen. i am at the tom suozzi election night party. his campaign feels good about this. they do say the final few hours are going to be crucial. that is when a lot of voters who didn't show up earlier i want to try to do this. republicans have been a little nervous. there voters are predominantly election day voters. democrats have some early vote bank, but a higher proportion of their voters who vote early. this district has tracked the national mood and voted for joe biden by a point in 2020, voted for george santos by eight points in 2020. who is going to win this time? it could give us real clues about the rematch between trump and biden. >> rachel, as framed the notion of election day voters tend to go to republicans because they show up on election day more
4:46 pm
than democrats typically, but when you are talking about mail- in and absentee votes, that tends to skew heavily democratic. how do you think that dynamic is going to make a difference, particularly if voter turnout is impacted by the weather that we have had in new york all day? >> that is why early vote, vote by mail and absentee ballots it -- you do not want to rely on election day. something could happen. there could be a snowstorm. it is right that the republicans are nervous because their strategy and their electorate is heavily same-day voting. that has gotten much worse. it didn't used to be such a clear and partisan lien. when donald trump turned against mail-in voting to set up the ramp barrage so that he can set up his coup plot, he
4:47 pm
really turn publicans off of boating in advance. that is what we seek laces like florida and arizona, the republican parties there are trying very hard to cure that problem. it really is a big issue for them. i hurt turnout has picked up. unless it's is a good turnout it probably does not bode well for republicans. >> that is a very good point. another thing that is really fascinating. i talked about it the last time i was in this chair, the new congressional maps that have been ordered by courts following this election. no one knows what they are going to look like. they could impact the winners control of the house. rachel, how are you thinking that is going to play out? what have you heard? how do you think that dynamic plays into what we are looking at around these results? >> there is some good news on
4:48 pm
the legal front if you ignore democratic emergencies and look at redistricting, for example. the courts are starting to turn against gerrymandering. what we are seeing our mandates across the country in places like ohio, wisconsin, new york, where you have to redraw these districts. democrats are put in a bad position in 2022 because it was the first year after the new census. republicans were going to gain seats because of population shifts. then you have redistricting on top of that. i think it is possible democrats are going to be in a position to take back the house majority, just on redistricting. it is such a slim majority and have grown slimmer since 2022. at the end of the day it is going to be the senate map that will be a lift. we are going to get a huge clue tonight. ever since roe got repealed we've seen an over performance advantage for democrats,
4:49 pm
competitive and even long shots in which there was no spending on it. we see that roe effect tonight, if we see a good win for the democrats, i think it's going to be a pretty good sign that they still have this mojo going that they have had since dobbs was repealed. >> there was an 18% asian american population within this electorate. we saw grace ming, the first and only asian american woman to represent new york thumping with suozzi. do you have a sense as to whether there was any sort of yield for suozzi around the election because that that particular demographic? >> this could be a sleeper issue in this race and in this election. the asian american vote is somewhere around 1/5 of his district, depending on who you talk to. congresswoman grace ming
4:50 pm
represents a much bluer district in queens. she has been pounding the pavement here for tom suozzi, trying to get him elected. this is a powerful democratic for showing up in places like california, swing states that will be crucial. this is a predominantly democratic leaning cohort. it doesn't have to longer deep history of voting for one party that african americans or latinos do. clearly tom suozzi in particular is working to >> sahil kapur and rachel bitecofer, thank you both. and up next, trump's efforts to delay his trials until after the election are going swimmingly so far. with a supreme court now indicating it will take its time reviewing trump's dubious claim of absolute immunity.
4:51 pm
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>> welcome back to the reidout. the game is on the ball is in special counsel jack smith's court. and trump's bogus claim of presidential immunity. this morning the supreme court respond to this records request to put on hold the last week, the d.c. circuit court of appeal , they are ruling that rejected that immunity claim. he wants to stop. it he wants to stop everything in order to hear more about why his claim was rejected. chief justice john roberts is giving the special counsel one week to respond to trump's request, even though it is unlikely that smith's team is actually going to take that long. but the bigger question here, the one that everyone is wondering is, what exactly is the supreme court going to do next?
4:56 pm
joining me now to discuss all of this is former federal prosecutor, my friend and super lawyer, glenn kirschner, msnbc legal analyst and host of justice matters podcast. sir, i have not been able to take off my glasses entire night. we've got a big one in terms of news. but now i can talk to a lawyer and finally do that. first and foremost, what are the chances that jack smith's response in the supreme court says we're not going to deal with this? because i'm not convinced that they're actually going to take the case and review it at all. but you may think different. me >> i agree with you, charles. i think there is going to be some really powerful foreshadowing. but what the supreme court does on this day issue, think about it. i agree with, you jack smith may not take the full seven days, even though seven days is a pretty short fuse deadline. we may see something in two or three days, because jacks mitt understands, as to we all, that were burning democracy daylight. there is an urgency to get this case to trial.
4:57 pm
so if the supreme court refuses to stay the case, they return it to judge chutkan, telling her, put it back on the trial track, i think that will be powerful foreshadowing that they will not, they will either not take it off at all and just let the trial proceed, or, if t because they want to be the big dogs on the block, and even though they agree with the resolution by the d.c. circuit court of appeals, they want to write the words for prostate city and put their own spin on why a president should not be permitted to commit crimes against the american people while in office and remain completely and accountable for those crimes. it's not the whole ball game, charles, the state, but it's a good seven or eight innings. >> hadn't considered the idea they might take it to put the nail in the coffin and definitively, for posterity,
4:58 pm
make it clear that this absolute immunity thing that he has argued is not a thing. that's an interesting point. my money is on the fact that they are not going to take the case at all. let's shift gears. we are going to go now to fulton county, in georgia, a lot of conversation, as we have watched this controversy develop about the fulton county d.a.'s office, particularly fulton county d.a. thiolate fani willis and an alleged inappropriate relationship that she had with one of her special assistance. we are looking at a hearing on thursday where the judge has already stated that, or suggested that there may be sufficient evidence to support a disqualification of the dea here. if you are, who has more cause to be concerned? is it trump's team, is they may smell an out? or is it fani willis's team, as they may smell trouble? >> there is a bit for everybody
4:59 pm
to dislike about the way this is playing out. but here's the thing, charles, let's get an evidentiary hearing rather than this issue bouncing around in the court of public opinion where there are no rules of procedure, no rules of evidence. what judge mcafee said is, listen, there's a possibility that this relationship and any financial entanglements might result in a disqualification, but we won't know anything until we have an evidentiary hearing. what i've seen on the papers that have been filed thus far, it's hard to see how any of this endures to the detriment of any of the defendants. if anything it looks like it might be a matter for barr council to take up, if there was some ethical misstep. but listen, the best way to resolve this is by putting it in the full light of day in an evidentiary hearing controlled by judge mcafee, who seems to be up to the task. he's been doing a pretty good job presiding over these cases. then we're going to have to let the chips fall. >> glenn, last question.
5:00 pm
don trump between now and every 24, the republican primary south carolina, will be all over the map. what's the one thing that you are watching for? he's got appearances in new york, center for stuff is going on in florida, and then obviously the other things that are going on across the map. what are you watching for in particular? >> charles, i'm looking for two days from right now. thursday. that's when he's gonna be back in court in new york in his falsifying business records case, which is an inter election interference case. i think his attorneys are going to push hard to have judge merchan vacate or postpone his march 25th trial because of the judge holds the trial date, he's going to be in trial star starting march 25th, and he's gonna be in trial every day for weeks and weeks. that's going to cramp his campaigning style. >> grand and glorious as always, glenn kirschner, hits it on the money. thank you so much for being with us. that's going to do it for two nights


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